Monday, August 8, 2011

Trip to Seoul & China

Hey guys! I just (actually 3 days ago, but I was too busy to post) got back a few days ago from an amazing trip to Seoul and China. I went to Seoul for 6 days and spent three weeks with my relatives in China. Korea is the first foreign country I've been to besides my birthplace and Canada, and the experience was really cool. China was fun as well. But the best part is probably that both countries have really cheap stuff and the food is delicious!

I thought the clash of modern skyscrapers and ancient palace houses were interesting


Hand-making noodles at Insadong

You can actually find somewhere to sit in most of the subways in Seoul

Shopping at Myeongdong

The lockets at the N Seoul Tower are supposed to represent everlasting love between couples. I'm taking my hubby there in the future, hehe.

At a traditional teahouse

Traditional Korean Hanok in the Bukchon Village

You don't see people in the US dressed like this!

At the National Museum of Korea. Admission was free!

Some sort of ancient crown. I don't know, it looked cool.

My little sister and I

Saw T-ARA at the Coex Mall!


Shopping in Dongdaemun and Myeongdong with Hana!

The Nanta show was intense. If you're going to Seoul ever, I recommend watching it.

The giant indoor theme park, Lotte World

This iced dessert with soft serve, mochi, and red bean on it was yummmmy.

At a giant restaurant for my Grandpa's 70th birthday

With my adorable cousin at a Chinese version of Sea World in Wuhan

Mermaids do exist!

That seal has got some moves.

Rafting with my aunt. Boat flipped twice- once on a 15 meter drop and another where 4 other boats were stuck. -_-

Grassfields in a place close to Mongolia

I thought this was a good illustration of farmers living in the rural parts of China

The scenery was even more amazing in person!

Horseback riding. When the horses run, it's like a butt massage.

Failure of light painting

The ancient inscriptions at Mt. Tai

Chinese pine trees are odd.

We climbed a total of over 7,000 stair steps. Death.

I think this represents reaching the summit of the mountain or something.

Thank god we didn't have to climb back down the mountain!

Each pillar represents an ancient king. And the scenery was really nice with the sun almost setting.

Muahaha, all the fobby asian stuff I bought in Korea and China (not including clothes)

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