Friday, February 17, 2012

What's a boyfriend when you have a best friend?

This Valentine's Day, hosted a contest asking for people to post matching looks with their lover. Buuut, since I don't have one, Rachel and I decided to collaborate! The contest ended yesterday and we were no where near winning, but it was a fun experience anyway. You can still hype our looks though, heh.
Our looks are here & here.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Because it's you who brings the color to my life

I'm going to use this post as an opportunity to say HAPPY NEW YEARS (even though it's ten days after but what does that matter anyways). The weather's been really odd lately, so I've been able to wear thinner layers yay! I got a lot of stuff over break and this blazer and clutch I got from H&M are among my favorites. "Hype" if you like my look! ^^

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Union Square at San Francisco

Warning: I am extremely jolly and high as I am writing this post

I'm just going to use this post as an opportunity to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS! And don't forget the true purpose of this holiday is to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ :D. Okay, I'll stop with the preaching of my beliefs.
The following photos are from going to Union Square in San Francisco with Sunny, Michelle S, Jennifer, Michelle N, Sarah, & Rachel for my birthday thing kindaishnotreally. It was more of a fun holiday hangout.
When we arrived, the place was bustling with, what else, people! Only the perfect time to start caroling and spreading holiday cheer... Which is exactly what we did HOHOHO. Some people smiled at us and some people looked at us weird but we all know Santa didn't get anything good for those people, heh. Next, we joyfully pranced to a lovely ambrosia [VOCAB WORD IF YOU HAVE GORDON (why am I such a dork today? I mean, I'm using parentheses within parentheses)] which is also known as a famous San Fran hot dog stand and delightfully munched down our yummy treats. With full stomachs, we twirled to the ginormous tree in the center of the square. To understand the mass of the tree, I'll just say that an ornament = the size of a head. Get the picture? Anyways, we gleefully snapped pictures and moved on to the twinkling ice rink to buy tickets... Only to find that the tickets for the next round were sold out. Welp. I am still sorry to my friends for not anticipating this situation before. Thank the heavens someone (I forgot who) suggested we shop instead. So, we frolicked along the street and flitted among our favorite shops. Have I mentioned that San Francisco's H&M is like, da best? 'Cause every time I leave that store I'm carrying some of my favorite buys of all time.
... I realize I have been talking for a long time and that most of you probably haven't read to here or if you did, you don't care. I will probably condense this later. The point is, we laughed and had fun and spent money and saw pretty things.

Enjoy the photos!

 And lastly, to summarize our entire trip with one photo...

Thursday, November 24, 2011


{Dr. Martens boots; H&M blazer, Hollister skinnies, H&M striped tee}


Happy Thanksgiving, guys! In case people aren't aware, November is not only about Thanksgiving, remembering veterans, and Black Friday. It's also about novels! Nanowrimo, short for National Novel Writing Month, is where people of any age can hone their writing skills or just simply challenge themselves. My memories doing this task last year were not fond, heh. But nevertheless it was a great memory (Thanks Ms. Niksch!). So in honor of this month, we wrote novels.
. . loljk I'm too lazy. We did a photoshoot of course! Rachel has a pretty legit front yard. The clothes we used are all our own. Props to Jessica for giving the idea of this shoot too. She couldn't make it though. :(
By the way, our 2nd and 3rd outfits sort of strayed from the concept, but oh well. It's still fall-esque. Click for high-res!

Um this looked too much like a UO ad so I had to. <3

All our clothes/random stuff. . . I brought a suitcase, HA.

Modeled by Rachel Tu & Jennifer Lee
Photography & editing by me
Styling by Rachel and me

Monday, November 14, 2011

The Month of October

This post is two weeks late due to my laziness. Procrastinators make bad bloggers. . .
October was a fuuuuun month. Homecoming week and Halloween, yo! (click for hi-res)

Class of 2015 Gauntlet

Full day homecoming practice!

Couple's dance

He's a she.

Boy's dance

The (epic) battle scene?

WERQ. Girl's dance, ow ow.

Class dance- "It don't matter if you're black or white!"

Sophmore's theme: Candyland

Junior's theme: Jumanji

Senior's theme: Star Wars (red)

Homecoming football game


Yay I like this picture. . . except for my face.

Prepping for homecoming dance with mah qurls

I love food pictures, just saying.

I love me some Verde.

I also love me some Gianna Wu.

Gah, cutest costume evar

The herpy one on the left is Sunny, the derpy one on the right is me.

Trick or trea- creeping. You can actually see my blue contact lens though! (creds to Rachel)