Thursday, September 29, 2011

9.25.11- Greatest day in my life so far

If you're Asian, you probably hate me, heh. But if you don't know Wong Fu Productions, Kevin Wu (Kevjumba), Ryan Higa (Nigahiga), or Far East Movement, SEARCH THEM UP ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW. They came to San Jose for an ISA concert, which I wasn't able to make, but the next day I found out that they were going to a local Verizon store for a meet and greet! Seeing my heroes was an inexplicable experience for me, I still can't even believe it happened aldfkjalsdkf. Waiting in line with friends was fun too!

And I'm the one leaning into Kevin- oh yes-- wearing a shirt I designed on Adobe Illustrator and ironed on. It says "Single Taken Fly like a G6" and has a gangsta bear I created. I'm pretty sure I will never wash that shirt again, since Kevin hugged me in it. It was aaaawesome meeting Wong Fu and Ryan Higa too! Wes even smiled at my friend and me when we waved to him in line hehehe.

I will never forget this day. 

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