Monday, November 14, 2011

The Month of October

This post is two weeks late due to my laziness. Procrastinators make bad bloggers. . .
October was a fuuuuun month. Homecoming week and Halloween, yo! (click for hi-res)

Class of 2015 Gauntlet

Full day homecoming practice!

Couple's dance

He's a she.

Boy's dance

The (epic) battle scene?

WERQ. Girl's dance, ow ow.

Class dance- "It don't matter if you're black or white!"

Sophmore's theme: Candyland

Junior's theme: Jumanji

Senior's theme: Star Wars (red)

Homecoming football game


Yay I like this picture. . . except for my face.

Prepping for homecoming dance with mah qurls

I love food pictures, just saying.

I love me some Verde.

I also love me some Gianna Wu.

Gah, cutest costume evar

The herpy one on the left is Sunny, the derpy one on the right is me.

Trick or trea- creeping. You can actually see my blue contact lens though! (creds to Rachel)

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  1. You all are so great and I love all the neat outfits and awesome sneakers! Looks like Keds, vans and cons! My 3 faves!!